A Journey into Blog Writing

This is the post excerpt.

I’m quite new at anything like this, but I thought, hey why not. If Doogie Howser can do it, why can’t I? lol. Dating myself there, but in all honesty, I just wanted to have a place to come where I can share how I feel. Where I don’t have to worry about someone either analyzing me, telling me that I’m over sensitive, or that I can’t feel how I do.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happily married mother with a 22 month-old and an 11 year-old step-son. My husband is my best friend, and constantly optimistic, which is one of the reasons why I married him. Unfortunately, when it comes to just listening to me when I need to vent, he isn’t always that supportive. He has said before that when he leaves a stressful, negative place like work; that he wants to come to light, happiness, laughter and positivity. Which leaves me with, than who am I supposed to confide in? I’m all for being positive and having a calm home environment, but as a mom and being whom I am, instead of everyone coming to me with their upsets and problems (certain people do it all the time, but always check their watches and disappear when I too need the same thing), I have off days too.
But enough of that, I guess what I’m trying to say is, you should be able to express your emotions without others trying to cut you off emotionally. In the same tone, I hope I didn’t make it sound like I’m not grateful for what I have. I’m incredibly blessed, and I’ll be the first to admit it. We have a roof over our heads, we have food to fill our bellies, and we have a lot of love…maybe not much money after everything is paid, but money isn’t everything.
So, always remember to be who you are, what makes you the most genuine person you can be, and don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. Love who you love, wear the clothes that make you unique, walk your own path and make yourself happy. Because if you aren’t happy, you won’t be able to share that happiness and love the way you want to. You are on this earth for a reason, and that right there is beautiful.

That Fall feeling…

Sitting in my living room on a momentarily quiet Sunday, you can see leafs drifting lazily in front of the window. My son naps on my lap and I watch The Glee Project. For the first time in forever, my soul, my whole being, feels calm. It’s something that I have missed. August has been a month of struggles and stress, financially, career wise and watching family members breaking apart. And then, because I left our living room window open, I can feel a cool breeze ripple across my toes, and you know what, I’m finally feeling like there is hope. Fall has always been a time that I felt most relaxed, slowed down and I’m beyond grateful for it in so many ways.

Most people mourn as the summer winds down, they say that it feels like everything is dying or getting ready to fall asleep. To me, the gorgeous colours of the falling leaves, the warmth of hot chocolate and cider and having my family around me brings me hope and like we can accomplish and get through anything. Has anyone else ever felt this way before?

Sure it portends the coming winter, but even that’s okay this year. My soul and so many others, need a breather, need something to help reinvigorate them. Looking forward to taking walks in the brisk air through the crunchy leaves, wearing cozy sweaters, and yummy full course dinners (can’t wait for Thanksgiving lol). What about you guys? What are you looking forward to? What makes Fall a great time for you??

I hope that as the cold weather slowly starts to eek away the summer, that you find something or many somethings that bring you happiness, special time with your family and helps erase any negativity that you’ve had to struggle through.


Being grateful…

It only takes one day, witnessing and hearing about others difficulties, that it makes you aware of all the good things that you have in life. That’s not to say that we don’t all need to vent, that is quite healthy actually. Keeping things bottled up, under lock and key will do nothing but make you eventually blow up. Also, each and every once of us have our own struggles that we strive to work through, but when you see friends or family members dealing with certain things, it makes you take stock of your life.

Not trying to come across as preachy, not even close. It was just the last week where someone very close to me was contemplating leaving their husband. Things were rough, and he just seemed tired of everything and was ready to give up. Each couple has their own struggles and ups and downs, but while being the ear that she needed, it brought myself and my husband that much closer to each other. Honestly, it just made us realize how lucky we are to have one another. We’ve had our own difficulties, but we have always come out stronger because we communicate and work together as a team. Something must have happened in the span of one day, because they are now reconciled and working hard to save their marriage.

That of course is only one instance, even having any type of food in our belly has been brought home hard. We went out for a walk recently to take advantage of the warm weather and passed a local church that runs a soup kitchen. The families and individuals that were lined up broke my heart. My 2 year old son said, and this is what really hits home, “They otay, mama?”. If a 2 year old can see that something isn’t right, what does that say? When we got home and started supper, even though we don’t have much ourselves, it makes you so grateful for every scrap of food we have.

With love to you all, don’t forget to appreciate and be grateful for each and every thing that you have the privilege to have in your life.

Why do we do it?

Recently, I became vividly aware of how horrible and negative that we are towards each other. Of course, I always knew it was there, and I wasn’t naive, in any sense of the word…having been taunted by cruel bullies most of  my school age life I know how cruel we are as human beings. Being horrible in person is vile enough, but when you start hiding behind your computer and using as a platform, geeze.

The company that I recently started with is based upon the values of uplifting, supporting and caring for those around you. Lately, or at least the last few days, two people have gotten nasty with each other and have been asking other team members to choose a side. That to me, is petty, childish and like we’ve gone back in time to high school. They are doing the opposite of what our company stands for. I refuse, with no qualms, to stay out of their silly squabbles. I thought we were all adults, but we act no better then children who are just learning how to interact with one another.

That’s just one example. The other day I ran down to the grocery store with my two sons for a few last minute dinner ingredients. Now, I’ll freely admit that I have tattoos, 8 to be exact. An older individual who was before us in line cooed at my son and then slowly looked up at me. Her face twisted from kind to outright disgust. And then mumbled about how could I deface my body when I have children. I understand that, perhaps, some of their ideals may be different because they grew up in a different age and maybe were less tolerant. But then I’m generalizing, because not everyone is like that. And that would put me in the exact same category as that woman.

It’s just sad, that in this day and age, that we have to resort to name calling, childish acts and behaviours…and so much intolerance. I guess my point is, like I stated in the title, why are we like that? I don’t want to leave this particular blog with all the negativity that is present in it, instead, I would like to leave you all with one last thought. Try being kind, a little more tolerant and a lot more accepting. Life is way too short!!!

Rental prices…just an opinion

Good morning everybody! It’s really gloomy out today, and recently certain things have just started to bother me…especially when social media broadcasts it everywhere you look. The cost of a rental property is crazy, astronomical really.  And while I know it’s plagued large cities around the world for who knows how long, being from a small town you didn’t see it happen very often. There has been a huge surge of houses being snapped up and renovated into smaller apartments, some of them the size of closets, how do they expect families or single people to afford it? Especially with the cost of living always going up.

Just as an example, early this morning my cousin was irate over the lack of affordable housing, especially since we are in a small town. This is my own opinion, so please don’t be offended…I feel like the poor people everywhere are being robbed, figuratively, and monetarily. With the knowledge that price gouging has been a huge practice in the city, which is still beyond disgusting, the only people that are benefiting are those snapping up these buildings and making a huge profit off of those struggling just to put a roof over their heads. We’ve been living in the same place for 3 years now, but our triplex was sold to a new owner last summer. Because everyone that was living here prior to her were paying a great price, she got peed off with me and said that if she could, she would double our rent. That she would do it in a heartbeat and that we were all lucky that there are laws against a huge hike. My husband and I were floored, while she told me “how it was”, she continued to flirt with my husband point blank in front of my face. Or at least tried to, he just ignored it and shook his head (because if he wasn’t married, the price would have stayed the same?…lol.)

If it sounds like I’m coming off whiny, I probably am, and I’m okay with that. Because really, the cost of living doesn’t equate the small pittance that people make at work. Okay, rant done, sorry it was just something that I needed to get out.

On that note, I hope that today finds you all well, and that your day has a bright spot (or more) to make it great!

A whole new Younique experience…

Blessings come in so many forms, and when you are feeling like everywhere you turn is a road block, sometimes it needs to metaphorically hit you in the head. And you have to have faith, whichever way works for you is always the best bet.

Money was getting really tight, my husband is working so hard to provide and together as a team we were tackling crazy bills, and to be honest it was getting scary. I know there are so many that can relate, and to all of you, my heart is with you. But never give up! You got this!

Our first bright light, other then our two sons and family, was a friend that approached me with an opportunity that really had us thinking. I’ll admit, I’m a plain Jane when it comes to make-up of any kind. Mainly because my skin is ultra sensitive and any product I have used on my face causes hives, sore red rimmed eyes, and multiple break outs. So, my friend mentioned a company that she herself had recently become a part of. I was wary, like any person probably at first. And then she gave me a few samples of their products and for once, in however long, there was no skin reaction.

What is the name of this company, you may be asking. Younique! Yesterday I signed up to be a presenter, which allows me the freedom to work from home and sell online. I can personally vouch for the products because I never back something I don’t believe in. Each product is hypo-allergenic, some are vegan free and others are gluten-free. The products are cruelty free and the company has a foundation to fight against sexual abuse.

Again, as a person who not only never wore make-up for health reasons, but also because I was never really interested, Younique completely changed everything for me. The best part is, the lovely ladies that are a part of the team are encouraging, helpful and kind. Which, with all the negativity that you see everywhere is a breath of fresh air.
If you are interested in seeing what amazing make-up and skin care products we carry, please feel free to visit http://www.youniqueproducts.com/ASweetYou. It’s a great way to find great products that anyone can stand behind! Give it a try!

So many decisions…

As a parent, you always want what is best for your kids, but you also have to take care of yourself as well, or you are no use to anyone, especially your children. I’ll be honest, it’s a hard lesson that I’ve had to learn myself. I’m with my son 24/7 and wouldn’t have it any other way, but I’ve gotten into the habit of refusing people’s offers to get out of the house and just have some adult time, shopping, go out for lunch, etc. My husband, bless his sweet heart, is always supportive and is one that actually saying, “Go, go have fun. The kids and I will be fine.” And for once, out of the 2 years of giving birth to our son, I’m finally taking him up on his offer.

This may seem such a simple thing to most people, but as much as I know my children are in incredible hands with their father, my heart still aches as I think of walking out the door. It’s ok to laugh, I know it seems silly, but I’m sure some have felt the same way at some point with their own kids. Right? lol

So it is, this Saturday…actually tomorrow, I will be stepping out on the town with my cousin and for once trying to just enjoy the company and not worry. Any suggestion how to do that? It’s easier said then done sometimes…gah…and then to fight the urge to not text my husband. God bless his sweet, loving heart lol.

Alrighty, enough of my silly thoughts, just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, but make sure to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Love and light to you all!

23-month old Conversation

It is an amazing thing, as a parent, when your toddler starts to talk and babble. The “don’t-spit-your-drink-out” when they say words that sound dirty or where did they get that from – is a huge added bonus. My son loves to point at things and ask, “What is that? Who is that?” and I try to explain as honestly as I can, but every now and then I get surprised looks from strangers in public. You can’t help but laugh, because it’s honestly funny (especially when your child laughs his or head off at what they just said). So far, his newest words at least sound like they should…except for truck. At this point, let your imagination go wild as to how he pronounced it and yup you got it. Lol

It’s all innocent, and all you can do is try and correct them…but when you’re walking down the street and he is joyously calling out, “Fruck, mommy, fruck,” you’re face goes a whole new shade of red. And because he’s such a sweet, happy little boy, and he loves to talk, the conversations and babble are getting funnier each day.

Typical mornings around breakfast sounds like, “Are you hungry, honey? Do you want some breakfast?” He gives a real thoughtful look and pretty much strokes his chin and then shakes his whole body, “No mommy, no no no no.” and then opens his mouth wide, eats a chunk of scrambled egg and goes mmmmmm. He understands what he’s saying because then he gives me a wicked, evil little grin and then laughs. Or when it is time to change him I ask, “Did you go to the bathroom, buddy?” He gives me a huge smile and shakes his head saying, “Unh-unh,”

The best is when they are yawning up a storm and rubbing their eyes. As soon as I say it’s time for a nap, he plants a kiss on my lips and gives me a huge hug, and tells me sternly, “No, mommy.” And then proceeds to cuddle up on my lap and close his eyes. Oh, and he likes to argue; his hands go from his hips, to waving in the air followed by a whole stream of unintelligible toddler speak. And then he looks at me and says, “Ok, mommy?” Yup, I just nod lol. And then turns to my husband and repeats what he just said, with daddy giving him a huge smile and says, “Sure, buddy.” Which seems to satisfy whatever he is arguing about lol.

If you are lucky enough to have had a conversation with a toddler, you know just how fun and entertaining it can be. And cheers to the future where their words are filled with wonder and laughter.